"Someday's gonna be a busy day..."

Thursday, 22 January 2009


I am not, nor have I ever been, a crockpot kinda gal. I felt obligated to put it on our wedding wish list and with the resulting gift certificates, D and I bought a big beautiful one. It has a built-in porcelain serving dish embossed with lovely patterns and it's big enough to comfortably stew Mr. Marmalade should the need arise (hey, I'm just saying...). But I don't really like it. It's too clunky for the counter, and too unwieldy to carry up from the basement for any type of frequent use.

Several of my friends extol the virtues of crockpots. "Oh, it's so easy!" they say. "You hardly need any ingredients. And your whole house will smell wonderful when you walk in the door." So I broke down last night, hauled Monsieur CroquePotte out of the basement and he is now busily making us some Cranberry Chicken for supper. (Heck, that 8lb bag of muskoka cranberries Nana gave me last summer has got to get used up SOMETIME).

I went out at noon to pick up a parcel at the post office (How to Child Proof Your Dog) and stuffed myself with a marvellous Chinese buffet lunch at the New Seasons restaurant for $10. An hour later, I drove home, anticipating the wonderful aroma of M. CroquePotte's artistry when I opened the door. Well, there's an aroma all right, but it ain't wonderful. In fact, it smells like someone took a bottle of ketchup and sprayed it on every surface of my kitchen. I had my suspicions when I read the recipe - really, ketchup should only be used on hot dogs and in sloppy joes - but I wanted to join the ranks of the crock pot elite so I took a chance. I can just hear D now: "So what is this? Ketchup chicken?"


I will report back on the results of my crankpot cooking in a future entry, provided I haven't expired of crock-pot related poisoning.


Jaime said...

Ew - that is certainly not a pleasant sounding welcome home. I'll post a pulled-pork recipe this coming Tuesday that you should try out. Your kitchen WILL smell wonderful when you walk in the door, I promise! :0)b

Susan said...

Most often your kitchen will smell wonderful when you use the crock pot. When in doubt, try a different recipe!

I did suffer crock pot food poisoning once. I made baked beans, but they didn't seem to be baking, so I let them slow cook away for three days. Bad idea!!! My husband and I were both sick afterwards. THAT crockpot went in the garbage! (But my new one is wonderful).

Mrs Successful said...

'Someday'you will love your crockpot (maybe even more than hubby - only kidding). We call it a 'slow-cooker' and I wouldn't be without one now. Stay with it. Loved your story anyway - it's good to share. xx

Kimber said...

I dunno Jaime...I'm a little shell-shocked by the CCC. And pulled pork sounds a bit...shall we say...REDNECK? (0;

Susan - I'll skip the bean recipe too! ha ha

Mrs. S - got any fool proof recipes for me?

tanzi said...

Your cruel cat jokes aren't funny. He'll git ya, and your pretty dawg too, ya know...

tanzi said...

Hey--Jaime's pulled pork may sound like trailer trash food, but I have tasted it and it is yum!