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Monday, 26 January 2009

Holy bad sleep, batman

I had the world's worst sleep last night, thanks to two very distinct nightmares. A few people have reassured me that vivid dreams are the norm during pregnancy, but holy! I've had bad dreams before, but nothing like these full-on nasties of nighttime. I've always been big on interpreting dreams (see the link on my left nav bar) but honestly, I don't even want to scratch the surface of these puppies.

They were so scary that I was actually to afraid to go to the bathroom after I woke up from Nasty No. 1 (I was watching a guy go around and murder people with a large, sharp sword but was unable to do anything about it..until the very end, when, of course, he decided it was time to murder me). So I crossed my legs, snuggled up to D's reassuringly warm body, took a few deep breaths and went back to sleep - only to be plunged into Nasty No. 2 (a lovely end-of-the-world-apocalyptic-chapter-outta-revelations-devil's-comin'-to-get-us type deal). I will spare you the details, but rest assured (oh, terrible pun) that they were sufficiently gory, grisly and freaky-deaky enough to make me pull D back into bed this morning and comfort my whimpering self.

The result of these nightmares? A near-sleepless night, a tearful morning and a horrendous day. I felt like the walking dead. I yelled at the dog. I lost my temper with a colleague. I haven't done any dishes or brushed my hair and I'm currently clad in one of D's shirts for lack of ability to pick out anything from my own closet.

To top off this stellar day, I called my favourite Chinese place to order a nice Chinese New Year's supper, thanking my stars that D wouldn't be subjected to another of my brain-dead supper creations. And guess what? They're CLOSED on Mondays.

Thankfully, D is doing chores tonight so I can schlepp around in a stupor for a few more hours. Supper is bound to be interesting...peanut butter sandwiches, anyone? As long as they are not served on the end of a long, sharp sword, I think they'll have to do.


Jaime said...

Eek! Creepy dreams are no fun at all. I'm sorry you had such a crummy sleep but happy to hear you wrangled that man of yours back into bed for some sympathy cuddles. :)

The nerve of that Chinese restaurant closing on the Chinese New Year! Geesh. Lol!

In all seriousness, what is with small town restaurants closing on Mondays? My brother is living in Wellesley now and has to drive across the country to find take-out on Mondays if/when the cravings hit. Weird.

Sweet dreams tonight Kim!

Kimber said...

Yes, D is a good man and always knows what to say to make me feel better at times like those.

As for small town monday closures...yep, it's the norm. I'm still learning. It used to be that way in New Hamburg but I'd forgotten. The joys of small-town living!

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Oh Kim.
I feel really bad for you. Especially about the Chinese food. We were at a Chinese New Year celebration this past Saturday with my cutie patootie Neve and the 18 other babies (well now they are all 3 & 4 year olds) that came back from China with us and we had soooo much fun. The Chinese food was good too....oops sorry...didn't mean to gloat.
I do hope you have sweet dreams and all the Chinese food you can eat for the rest of your pregnancy.
A mommy-to-be deserves them.


Mrs Successful said...

That WAS a nightmare Kimber - you don't live on Elm Street do you?

I remember many years ago I had a dream that I'd murdered my two young boys and put them in the freezer so that they wouldn't be found. Blood was everywhere, detectives were called in and I was never so thankful to wake up and find out it was all a bad dream. I guess I must've been in some sort of turmoil at the time. I've also had the kind that you're so scared after a nightmare that it stays with you for a long time - like frightened to go to the toilet at 4.30 am because that's when the dream happened.

But ... it's only a bad dream and no harm will come to you or your bairnie. Hope all your dreams have good starts, middles and ends from now on.


tanzi said...

Remember Kimmy that death and endings are all about new beginnings. Me thinks that despite the creep factor, your dreams are good.

I'm glad I'm way over here in Putin-ville so I didn't have to experience your lovely self this day. tee hee!
Just kidding. Sort of.

Sweet dreams...