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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

More random musings on boys

One gets a yet another peek into that weird and wonderful thing called the male psyche around Christmas, especially when there are only two shopping days left. Quickly - while I wait for D to return from picking up his brother C so we can all head to Goderich for a last-ditch attempt to buy some gifts - I thought I'd share a few observations I've made over the past two December weeks.

1) Guys do not shop ahead. D and C are panicky and irritable because they haven't finished (started?) their Christmas shopping yet. Neither of them made time to go to "the city" to do a big spree, which means they are left with the less-than-thrilling shopping destinations of Goderich or Hanover (heaven forbid they actually shop in KINCARDINE!). While I am sorely tempted to lecture/mock/flaunt all my purchased gifts in their faces, I stay quiet and just shake my head a lot.

2) Guys like to eat. A LOT. Especially at Christmas. Witness the three batches of Christmas cookies I made. No sooner were they on the cooling racks than a good quarter of them had disappeared into the boys' eager gullets. If I hadn't stopped C from snorking down my peanut butter balls straight out of the fridge while the chocolate was still setting, I'd have none left! While I'm flattered they like my cooking, it gets tiring trying to keep up with their appetites. I have no idea how my mother-in-law kept her sanity raising and feeding 3 boys.

3) Guys like to get the Christmas tree, and put up the Christmas tree, but they don't like to decorate it. (Although they seem to have lots of opinions when it comes to how other people do the decorating).

4) Guys are more sentimental around this time of year than any other. My normally crusty bro-in-law showed up earlier in the week with his 4 wheel drive to take me to town (my Kia won't go in the deep snow) to run errands, and brought over his "101 Strings Christmas" CD compilation - which he proceeded to make me listen to for 20 minutes before we could set foot outside. He looked blissfully happy, sitting in D's leather chair, listening to the orchestra play all sorts of traditional tunes at very high decibels. And my husband hasn't wanted to do much more than cuddle on the couch under the glow of our Christmas lights - which, to me, is all I really need to make my holiday complete.

Merry Merry everyone!


justin said...

Women are better than men when it comes to decorating the Xmas tree, don't you think?

Hope you have a lovely time over Xmas, Kimber.

Jaime said...

Merry Christmas Miss. Kim! I hope you had a lovely holiday, send my Christmas wishes to D, your dad & Linda too please.

Glad to hear the peanut butter balls were a hit - YUM!

Susan said...

At least C didn't make you listen to Ann Murray! :) As for the cookies, I made a bunch this year (for a change) only to be on the receiving end of a lot more. Looks like our Christmas goodies will last long into January. At least that will give me a break on baking!

Did your dad like the hockey bag?

Mrs Successful said...

Now I agree with everything you say about the male psyche Kimber, but one thing I think they're good at is sharing their sense of humour (when it comes up their humph)! Two sons and hubby can deliver some 'crackers' at Christmas time and I can have a few real good belly laughs ... ... ... and I'm sure you will have too!

Now that Christmas has passed I hope you have a wonderful 2009 so ... ... ... all the best when it comes. xx

Kimber said...

Justin, I have to agree. Hope you enjoyed your holidays too.

Susan, Dad LOVED the hockey bag. Dwain hit the jackpot with his thoughtful gift. I didn't get any Christmas cookies at all this year, which was disappointing - so thank goodness I attempted making my own.

Jaime, everyone is gobbling down the PBB - next time I'm gonna have to make a triple batch! (I don't tell anyone about the wax though)

Mrs. S, you are certainly right about that. The boys always make me laugh and that's something to be thankful for.

Happy new year to all of you and come back again soon!