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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Memorable Moments of Christmas 2008

Song: "Shimmy Down the Chimney" - sung rather lasciviously by D thoughout the holiday season, but most often when I am trapped in the car with him. I never realized how suggestive that song actually is, which is just wrong for a Christmas tune.

Food: Chinese food on the 24th. Shortbread that tasted like disappointment (wretched cookie press!). Crisp gingerbread biscotti that Neko got the burnt ends of. Thanks to Jaime, I whipped up her grandma's recipe and recreated the taste of my childhood with some peanut butter balls. First time I've done holiday baking in a few years - but Someday's big, airy kitchen lends itself nicely to domestic activities so I think I'll be baking again next year.

Sound: the scary, powerful, relentless winds that have pummelled Someday almost daily since November.

Smell: pine, cedar and fir, thanks to Mr. Christmas Tree and various fresh branches we hung throughout the house.

Annoyance: Neko gobbling down not only D's king-sized Mr. Big chocolate bar (right out of his stocking!) but also his sacred bag of Lindt chocolate almonds. Naughty doggie.

Gifts: D's fancy new hockey stick from Dad, which he clutched like a kid whilst watching the Junior World Cup game. Dad's new hockey bag, which will replace the decrepit, vile thing he's been carrying around for the last 20 years. Our snowshoes, a study in irony as it rained buckets for three days and melted all the snow. My pendant, a memento of Rose, with rubies for each month she was with us.

Laughs: C not bothering to change out of his barn clothes and wearing the same grubby purple sweatshirt for Christmas Eve supper, Christmas Day brunch and Christmas evening supper! (I'm pretty sure he did it just to bug me) Attempting to take a photo with Neko wearing a Santa hat; dogs just aren't meant to be clothed. Playing highly competitive games of crokinole with brother & sister in laws. Knowing my nephew woke my sisters up at 5:30am to unwrap his gifts. Putting the last deocoration on the tree, gloating over its turquoise and silver beauty, then realizing I'd forgotten to put on lights.

Memories: walking with D through a deserted Blair's Grove with Neko on Christmas night and feeling like we were the only living souls around for miles. Watching old home movies of the boys and their family. Making breakfast for the Lowry clan on Christmas morning and watching D and C pay the price for gorging themselves on crepes (they're more filling than they look). Teaching D to play cribbage on the old table at Dad's and letting him feel smug when he beat us. Waking up on Christmas morning together for the first time in our bedroom at Someday.


Susan said...

Thanks for sharing the moments, Kimber. I enjoyed reading about them and I look forward to seeing your special pendant sometime.

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Hi Kim!
It sounds like you had a few good times this year for Christmas.
I'm happy for you.

tanzi said...

What a lovely collection of things to savour!!! I love that you forgot to put lights on the tree. Knob! Did you go back and add them later? I hope so! That's okay. I remember we had to come up with a product to sell around Easter time when I was in Mr. Steckley's grade 8 class. I decided to put together mini Easter baskets. I dyed all the eggs, but realized at school when I started selling them that I hadn't boiled them yet. Oops?
Easter surprise baskets.
Glad you had a good holiday--sounds like fun!!!
I can't wait to see the pendant--so sweet and thoughtful.

Mrs Successful said...

I like your bullet points of song, food, sound, smell, annoyance, gifts, laughs & memories.

You know the good thing about writing it all down? You get to remember!

Sounds like you had a great time Kimber. Happy New Year! xx