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Monday, 3 November 2008

Post-Hallowe'en Blues

On Friday, I discovered that Hallowe'en in the country is a vastly different holiday than Hallowe'en in the city.

I dressed up (in all my Asian finery, as "Miss Sweet n' Sour"), decorated the back entrance with my Mom's 1970's bizzaro candles and plastic pumpkin heads, and made up goodie bags of all the finest candy I could find at the Bulk Barn. I even carved a pumpkin, roasted the seeds, etc. And what did I get? TWO MEASLY KIDS. TWO. THAT'S IT!!! Oh sure, they were cute (a horsie and a dragon) and I'm glad D's cousin brought them by, but still...TWO KIDS???


I drank a lot of Coke and viciously crunched every single pumpkin seed between my teeth as the minutes ticked by and no other kids came calling. Thankfully, D showed up after chores carrying a bag of treats from his Mom (who didn't have ANY kids come to her place!!! And she was handing out POP and CHIPS for pete's sake! In my youth I would have walked across town for a lady who was handing out pop!). He told me I looked beautiful in my costume and started feeding me chocolate. He is a wise man.

At least I kept my word and dressed Neko up
. But it was the saddest Hallowe'en on record in my books. I guess country kids have to depend on parents willing to cart them around from concession to concession. I forget how easy city kids have it, marching door to door and loading up on stuff after only 15 minutes of walking.

I guess next year I'm going to have to advertise early to all the little cousins and friends and neighbours who are of trick-or-treating age. I might even coax D to set up some sort of "Haunted Barn" or something to lure the kiddies to our door. But trust me - I swear by this blog that next year, we will get more than 2 kids, even if I have to drag them in from the city!


Jaime said...

Sorry to hear you were lacking in the trick or treater department Kim.

A haunted barn?! Hell, I would consider driving up to knock on your door next Hallowwen if my visit included a scream in your haunted barn! I'd take any candy you want to part with too of course.

Niko lookes very festive, such a good sport.

Susan said...

Niko is a cute lion, Kimber. And, yes, my son loaded up quite well on candy here in the city. Unfortunately, with his love of chips and all things sweet, it is disappearing rapidly.

Tried out Face in the Hole. What a hoot! Wasted far too much time on that this morning. Check out my blog for one of the results. Another is on my Facebook profile :)

tanzi said...

Um, you live in the middle of nowhere, weenie!
Reality check time...
There. Now you had a witchy comment for Hallowe'en. :)

Kimber said...

I will definitely do the haunted barm if it's going to lure people up from Waterloo, Jaime!

Yes, Neko is a good girl to endure my decorating whims.

Thanks for the witchy comment Tanzi. I can always count on you for one of those! ha ha