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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it - HOLY CRAP!

I love snow. There, I said it. I'm not ashamed of it, either. So, nyah.

Usually when I say that sentence out loud to people, I get massive eye rolls and dirty looks. A lady actually shook her fist at me once. It's pretty rare that I get a "ME TOO!" or meet a fellow winter-lover who wants to high-five me.

I cannot understand folks who continue to live in Canada but moan and bitch for five solid months about winter. Some, like my wise older sis, recognize their aversion to white stuff and move somewhere warm, like Australia.

But all you winter whiners who stay put and poison my fun - you hate winter? You detest driving in slush? You like snow "at Christmas" and then want it all gone? Well, guess what? We live in CANADA and this is how it's been for eons. Better suck it up, snowflake, cause until global warming takes over, it ain't gonna change. Really don't like it? MOVE! Us winter-lovers will be happily rid of you.

Okay, I know moving isn't a particularly realistic solution, but I wish people would at least quit their constant complaining. Why moan about something that isn't going to change? Then again, a professor once told me that whinging about the weather "is part of our Canadian identity." I shudder to think that might be true.

At any rate, after two raw, blustery days here at Someday farm, the skies cleared around 10am this morning. Snow sparkled on the fields, every branch and berry on my ash tree was coated with dainty snow-lace, and the sun warmed my office through the south window. Winter heaven! Of course, that all changed at approximately 3:30pm, when the skies darkened and began to dump a fine, sugary snow that knocked off all the pretty, feathery stuff. I just checked the weather network and was informed that Bruce county will be having massive squalls all weekend - resulting in possible accumulations of 50 cm!!! Holy crap!

Sometimes one must be careful what one wishes for. But I'm quite content to put on my thickest coat, goofiest hat, and clunkiest boots to brave the snowbanks. There are barn cats to be fed, a winter-loving dog to walk and bird feeders to fill. Why fight winter? Embrace it and it just might grow on you. (Or at least it will fill up your mouth with snow so you can't complain anymore!)


MrsS said...

It snowed in Glasgow (Scotland) overnight - just a wee drap though and the rain took over this morning so it's gone now. That's mostly the way it is here.

I like the snow too and the quietness it brings and I'll bet you all know how to wrap up warm and appreciate it to the full. xx

tanzi said...

Great post! I love the closing line--clever!
It snowed here in Moscow just this week and it was soooooo pretty! You know I'm not a huge winter fan, but I do think it's pretty. Just wish it didn't hang around so long.
For a while my students and I just allowed ourselves to stare out the window at the snow falling--so lovely.
50cm??? Wow! Rare for November these days! Be careful driving!!!

Kimber said...

Yes, Mrs. S - we do know how to bundle up and brave the weather. My husband bought me a pair of insulated coveralls for Christmas and they do come in handy. I'd take snow over rain any day.

Snow in Moscow sounds perfect Tanzi...I can picture you and your kids mesmerized by the snowflakes. Don't worry, the Kia will get me through the winter!

Lily Whalen said...

Snow is pretty, for sure, it's too bad it has to hit the slushy, mucky, browny stage. And I'm not a fan of bitter temps - didn't notice them much when I was a kid, but I sure notice them now! Becoming a snowbird doesn't sound like such a bad solution :) but I do love Canada and wouldn't want to live anywhere else!

Doesn't Australia get a cold season during our summer?

Lois said...

Hey Kim.
Long time no email!
I love snow. I don't toboggan, ski, snowmobile, skate or do any winter sport. I just like snow.
So I agree with everything you said.