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Friday, 14 November 2008

5 things that tick me off

Yes, I know, positive thinking is ever so much hipper than a good 10 minutes of grousing, but if I see one more "you are your attitude" tagline on a co-worker's email signature I'm going to barf. So you know what? I'm going against all those happy-positive-things-to-be-grateful-for (sorry Jaime and Susan!) blogs I've been seeing lately and I'm gonna let loose and post five things that irritate me. Not that I have anything against happy, thankful blogs. Just think of it as me helping to create a bloggerland balance.

1) Saran wrap that gets hopelessly tangled in my hands. How it manages to do this in the 3 seconds between the moment I rip it off and the moment I want to attach it to my bowl of Jell-O/pasta salad/soup, I will never understand. Wretched stuff.

2) Alarm clocks where the snooze button can be hit endlessly. Not only is this feature counter-productive, it's damned annoying for the person who DOES NOT need to get up. I bought D one that has a three-snooze maximum. It has preserved our marriage.

3) Driving 15 minutes into town in the pouring rain to get a video, then driving 15 minutes back, popping some corn, getting snuggled up on the couch, pressing play...only to discover they've given you the wrong video.

4) Upsetting an entire cart full of milking machines (including a hot bucket of water, paper towels, a hoe and dog biscuits) into the manure-filled gutter because your brother-in-law hasn't put air in the tires.

5) Putting on your favourite K-Os CD in order to get you in the mood to cook a fabulous supper and hearing two of the best songs skip.

Ahhh, I feel much better now! You will, too, if you wanna share some of your tick-offs...


Mrs Successful said...

Hi Kimber

You wandered on to my blog in September and left me a nice comment - thank you so much. For some reason you slipped through the net and I didn't notice your comment until today - better late than never - eh?! If you don't mind I'll have a wee read at your blog later tonight because it looks goooooooood. Thanks for visiting me - I'll be back!!!

Best wishes
Mrs Successful (hah!).

Kimber said...

So glad you dropped by! Come back soon...I'll be sure to visit you too. (0:

Mrs Successful said...

Re Item 2 Alarm Clocks, Kimber - it reminded me of a story relating to my friend who always woke her hubby up during the night to find out the time. I've mentioned you on my blog and relate the story there too. I wish I only had 5 things that irritated me. I reckon I have 365 - and yes in leap year - 366! xx

Susan said...

Just to show that I can get into the spirit, here are 5 things that tick me off:

1) kids who don't listen to the wise advice of their elders (I probably didn't either, but I'm older and wiser now!)

2) people who don't pick up after themselves (I have enough cleaning to do around the house, thank you very much!)

3) disorganization (ties in with 2)

4) finding out I'm missing a key ingredient when I've already started making a recipe

5) when the spouse who gets up earlier won't allow you to keep sleeping because you're so irresistable and cuddly that he can't stop kissing you (I know, I know - not a bad problem, but still! This gal can use her beauty sleep)

Kimber said...

Susan! I love your number 5! After all these years of marriage, that should be at the top of your "Things that make me deliriously happy" list.

Susan said...

I know, and it does most of the time. It's just that there are days when I'm exhausted and I just want him to go away (to come back later, of course). It's definitely wonderful that he's still sweet on me :)

tanzi said...

Did this all happen in one day??? Ouch!

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Hey Kim.
Here is my list:
1: Neighbourhood dogs that bark...all the time...no that's not right...neighbours who let their dogs bark all the time.
2: People who don't recycle when their city/town has a recycle program.
3: Drivers who think their turn signals are for decoration only and don't use them.
4: Parents who dress their kids for below zero temperatures and then when they get to the mall the parents take off their own outergarments but leave their kids fully dressed for blizzards while walking around the mall. No wonder kids get so cranky!
5: Bosses who expect you to leave your family crap at home but insist on bringing theirs into the office and get so miserable (we are talking temper tantrum here) that you think that maybe it's time to get another job or hit your boss with something really hard...like a two by four.
Ahhh, your right, that does feel better!