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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Boo to the Flu

We have been pretty fortunate this winter so far - the kids have only had a few mild sniffle attacks, and we've managed to steer clear of the bronchitis, tonsillitis and c-dif that plagued our lives from November-January last year.


Dylan has croup, which I thought was a 19th century thing.

And now the dreaded "bum explosion" flu has arrived, and it's here with a vengeance. Dylan and I had it on the weekend, and now D and I have it full force. Jade seems to have escaped the worst of it, and only has a cough (I am touching wood vigorously right now!) so we shipped her off to Grandma's to be sequestered for the day.


No blogs for me right now...or work...or food...or fun.


1 comment:

Ruth said...

Bummer (punn intended)
Get well soon...and if you think it'll help, I'll touch wood vigorously too.