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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Minus 22????

Usually I can take just about anything winter throws at me: snowstorms that cancel all travel, from trips to the city to the weekly grocery shopping; high winds that pummel Someday farm and threaten to rip the screen door off its hinges; mountains of white stuff that jam the garage doors shut and make walking to get the mail akin to an Arctic adventure. I've always loved winter. But this year, the nose-numbing cold's been getting to me.

Take today, for instance. -15 with a wind chill of -22. I know it's not as bad as Winterpeg or one of those other Godforsaken provinces where a -20 day is the norm, even without a breeze. But for some reason, the cold this week has seeped into my almost-forty-year-old bones and stayed there. I don't even want to go onto the back porch to let the dog outside, because it means walking into the icy room and spending five minutes shoving poor Nekes out the door with my foot while the wind mercilessly blasts us both. Even putting on my boots on sends a pang of cold up my leg and directly into my spine, in no small part because the snow hasn't even had a chance to melt off them from the last time I wore them outside.

The cold never used to bother me; I dressed in layers, invested in good long-johns, a decent hat, excellent mitts and sucked it up. I'd sneer at the wimps who would rush into the grocery store or the bank, rubbing their chapped fingers together and exclaiming how AWFUL the cold was. I'd note with disdain that half the people who complained about the cold didn't wear hats, gloves or scarves; well, duh.

But now I'm becoming one of those whingy souls who can't s-s-s-top sh-sh-shivering. What is up with that? Do I need to add another layer of fat to my body? Drink more alcohol to stay warm? Invest in fleece underwear? Cause I can definitely take those measures. I'm just not convinced they're gonna keep the chills away. Brrrr.


tanzi said...

Suck it up, Princess!
It has rarely been above -20 here since I got back from C-mas break. Honest! And they don't even bother with counting "wind-chill" goodness.

Susan said...

It wouldn't hurt your skinny little bod to add a layer of fat, sistah! If you can stand eating ice cream at this time of year, that oughta do it - just stay away from the light variety. Otherwise, go for the starches and sweets, and pack on the pounds!

Biddie said...

I'm with Susan. YOu need to add a layer of fat. Just sayin.
Seriously though, the cold hss been seeping into my bones the past couple of years. My arthritis aches, and my bones feel brittle. Lol.
I can NOT wait for spring!

Mrs Successful said...

You're just needing a great big massive hug from that man of yours, Kimber - it's Valentines Day! xx

Though ... it's mind-blowingly cold where you live - and I thought we were bad in the West of Scotland! xx