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Thursday, 19 March 2009

What the what?


Yesterday I spent a happy half hour in the sun. I looked for the first shy violets on the lawn, counted robins and admired the pretty pink nubs of rhubarb that were starting to poke their heads out of the dead leaves. I even raked some of the accumulated autumn detrius off the daffodils so they could breathe a bit better. It smelled like spring. It felt like spring. I was convinced it WAS spring.

This morning I awoke to another sunny, albeit chillier, day and looked forward to my afternoon walk with Neko. I thought I might rake some muck off the tulips. Maybe I'd even do some more Tai Chi in the sunny corner of the south field.

Then I looked out my window at 1pm to find Someday farm engulfed in a complete snow squall. That's right - snowflakes swirling, north wind gusting, God laughing. There are actually a few millimetres of accumulation on the ground, for Pete's sake! Not to mention the Weather Network won't even admit we have any snow. Although they do tell me it "feels like -13." Yeesh.

I love snow but I have to admit, my thoughts have turned towards spring these past few days and I'd resigned myself to seeing the last of the white stuff. And hey, isn't March supposed to go out like a lamb, since it lambasted us like a lion the first week?



Susan said...

The recent mild temperatures we've enjoyed are certainly a reminder that spring IS on its way. But we do live in Canada, and winter must have its last gasp. Don't worry, dear, we'll soon be enjoying warmer weather and all the delights that come with it.

Anonymous said...

geez....miss marianne said it was 13 and summertime...kitchener and kincardine must have their own micro-climates...or she is losing it....

just wrote about the nova scotia spring

thanks for visiting the yardage book.....u need to be a follower

tanzi said...

Humph. There is still snow here and although I can sense and even smell spring, the weather is still pretty february-ish. London was lovely--green grass, trees in bloom, sigh.