"Someday's gonna be a busy day..."

Thursday, 26 March 2009

All quiet on the Bloggern front?

Can't say that I've felt much like blogging lately. I could chalk it up to the weather - it seems like someone hit the almighty pause button and we're stuck somewhere between winter and spring - or possibly the fact that the anniversary of Rose's birth/death is creeping up. Not to mention the relentless approach of my 39th birthday (eek!).

I had such a hankering to travel in Feb/March, and that didn't work out. I really wanted to go for a vacation somewhere before Bumbo's arrival. I half-planned a visit to Ottawa on the train for Winterfest; I've been dying to see the National Gallery, eat a few beaver tails and watch people skate along the canal. But those plans got kiboshed due to health issues which, thankfully, have resolved themselves...but still...now I find I'm longing for a sunny beach somewhere, anywhere, and a pool, with D relaxing beside me, and a big juicy, fruity drink in my paws. Perhaps I just need a change of scenery. Or perhaps I just need to shaddap and count my blessings.

And build myself a big-ass fruity drink!

Empanadas and a black bean/mango salsa are on the menu tonight, so that will go a long way to cheering me up. Thank heavens for simple pleasures.


Susan said...

I've been thinking about you and Rose a fair bit lately, Kimber. Your loss is worth mourning, even though joy dances on the horizon.

I'm sorry your plans to travel didn't work out. I think in this limbo season, we'd all like to get away - to be somewhere warm and dreamily pleasant.

Hang in there!

tanzi said...

Sorry for you sadness, Kimmy. Hang in there.