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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Things I do out of politeness

1) Eat roast beef that looks and tastes like boiled leather.

2) Host: What do you take in your coffee?
Me: Cream and sugar, if you have it.
Host: How about skim and sweetener?
Me: Ummmm....sure...

3) Allow myself to be kissed on the lips by people who aren't family.

4) Share my chapstick/lipbalm/lipstick.

5) Act grateful when someone presents me with a Tim Horton's gift certificate or product.


Mrs Successful said...

Yes - your right, you're right, you're right, Kimber. I identify with all of those (except Tim Horton's which I had to look up 'cause we don't have him here). Keep 'em coming.

Worst one for me is the kiss on the lips from a non-family member. I know one person who does that to me, and the person occasionally has cold sores - much as I try and avoid that quick 'peck' they always get me full on. I've hinted and teased but they don't listen.

Great picture of Jade - she's a lovely wee girl.

tanzi said...

Who the hell is kissing you on the lips that we're not related to? And...can get his number? Been awhile.

Love that pic of Jade. xo