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Monday, 4 October 2010

Welcome James Dylan Edward Lowry!

Well, I guess the poor wee man really was feeling squished and cramped in mum's belly, because my water broke at 12:30am on Sept 19th - a few days shy of my planned C-section on the 22nd. You can imagine the look on our faces. And then...the contractions began. EEEEK!

After a quick check up with my doc at Kincardine hospital, D raced us - and I mean RACED us - to Grand River Hospital in K-W (setting a brilliant new speed record from Kink-KW of 63 minutes - go D!). My labour had progressed significantly, but luckily we had a crafty nurse in our corner and got to go ahead with the C-section as planned.

The marvellous Dr. Anstett delivered our boy at 4:19am on Sept 19th. Dylan weighed 7lbs 2oz and was 20 inches long. He came out sporting furry little shoulders, long monkey toes, a black eye, bruises on his head, a cauliflower ear and a squashed nose. No wonder it felt like I had a kick-boxer inside me this past month. He's gonna be a fighter, folks!

Apart from his various beauty marks, a 12 hour session under "the lights" to combat jaundice, and being called the "no-name baby" by the nurses for 3 days, our Little Fellow was in excellent form by the time we packed up to go home on Wednesday.

It took us a while to pick a name...but we both kind of thought we were having another girl! We finally decided on James after D's father and brother, Dylan because it means "son of the wave" (we do live near the lake, after all), and Edward after my Dad and D's great-grandfather.

D has this week off which is wonderful, as my recovery from surgery has been a a bit trying, especially with crazy Jady Lady bouncing around. She seems to like her brother so far and has added yet another word to her ever-growing repertoire: "Bayyyyybeeee!"

Thanks to my bloggy friends for your support and kindness during my pregnancy and all your well wishes for Dylan. Now the tough part begins - sleepless nights and breastfeeding blues - along with the blissful moments of baby love, floppy cuddly afernoons and all the "firsts." Wee D smiled on his second day in the world, so I think he's destined to be a happy little fellow.


Biddie said...

I am so happy for you that my heart sings. You were meant to be a mother and you are an incredible one at that.

Gingham Skies said...

Super huge fantabulous congrats to you and your lovely family, Kim! Your little man is beautiful - not surprising of course, look where he came from.

I think Dylan and Kian will get along well: both smiling only hours after arrival (or departure depending how you look at it).

Can't wait to meet him!

Mrs Successful said...

Well look at what you''ve been up to since I last visited Kimber. Well done - what a little beauty you and hubby have produced - and I like his list of names - they'll look good on his briefcase! Middle names are always impressive! Congratulations to all of you. xx

Lois said...

Awww....what a little cutie!
Congratulations Kim and daddy and big sister too!
I am glad to read that all are OK and doing well.
Welcome to the world James Dylan Edward Lowry! We're so glad your here!