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Thursday, 5 November 2009

The White Poppy

So what are your thoughts on this: instead of wearing a red poppy, I'm toying with the idea of wearing a white one.

I thought it was a rather new-fangled idea, but apparently the white poppy has been around for quite awhile. Since 1933, according to the 'net; a women's guild in England started wearing them to symbolize their committment to peace. I like that.

I don't typically wear poppies of any colour for Remembrance Day. It just isn't my thing; I never wore an AIDS ribbon, or a Breast Cancer ribbon, or those little angels you sometimes see. I deeply appreciate the sacrifices made by so many not that long ago; heck, Grandpa Feick was a doctor in WWII. I just don't feel I need to wear a poppy to prove it. I don't usually care to attract attention to myself, but there's a wee little bit of the shit disturber in me (pardon my language) that likes the idea of wearing something that might invite conversation.

By wearing a white poppy, I'd run the risk of offending someone, somewhere. Which is not something I'm eager to do. But I am a fan of people talking about things, even in the grocery store line. I'm a fan of making conscious decisions instead of simply sticking a red poppy on my coat because that's what you're supposed to do this time of year. I don't want to disrespect those who "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS," anyone with family in the military or anyone who has lost someone to war; I just like the idea of wearing my peacenik proclivities on my sleeve, so to speak, and being willing to talk to anyone who asks me about it.



Mrs Successful said...

Thank goodness it's all a matter of choice whether to wear a poppy or not. You're remembering those who died Kimber and that's the important part. In Britain we buy a poppy and the proceeds go too help those who fought, and are still fighting - so every little helps. Hope wee Jade is well and smiling lots for you today. xx

Biddie said...

I always buy the poppies, but I seldom wear them, either. I always poke myself and end up losing it anyway.
I think that the white poppy is a great idea. I have always been accused of being a shit starter, although, personally, I think that is more due to the rumour mill :) I would wear a white poppy.Until I poked myself or lost it :)

tanzi said...

I used to wonder about wearing a poppy, but I do so now with awareness. Before I was concerned I was somehow condoning war by wearing one, but I don't feel that way at all anymore. The blood red colour is a strong reminder of what war really entails. I think working on W-O's Remembrance Day assembly made this clear to me. It's why you wear it, or don't, that matters.