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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

In praise of...my new car!

I tend to be pretty set in my opinions (see my blog entry about my need to always be right), but strangely, since marrying D, I've come to change quite a few of them. He takes great pleasure in teasing me about all these changes of heart, too.

For example, I vehemently opposed all-inclusive vacations, declaring them "boring" and "prissy." Then D took me to Mexico for a week, and as I sighed with bliss on the beach with a frozen drink in my hand, he asked me how I liked all-inclusives. If I remember correctly, I stuck my tongue out at him and went back to sunbathing.

I also used to bemoan the noise and stink of snowmobiles. My dad and I always grumbled about them as they blared up and and down the road in front of his cabin, and I made the mistake of complaining to D about the wretched things one winter. "They really disturb the peace," I muttered. "So loud and stupid." So he stuffed me into a snowmobile suit and put me on the back of his loud, stupid machine. We were on it less than an hour before I was begging him to please let me drive.

So it goes that I used to violently oppose owning any vehicle larger than a 4 door sedan. Definitely NOT an SUV. Oh no, I'd never own one of those. SUVs were for right-wing eco-haters who got their jollies frittering away our precious fossil fuels. When D strong-armed me into test-driving a Toyota RAV-4, I was secretly relieved that I didn't enjoy it. Same with the Honda CR-V. But then I made the mistake of letting my Dad talk me into trying a Subaru Forester when he and I were in Owen Sound one day. I don't hang out with my Dad very much, so I did it to humour him. D gets a kick out of quoting what I said when I came home: "Oh, that car was sah-WEET!"

Nope, I didn't end up with the "sah-weet" Subaru in my driveway. But I do now have a Nissan Rogue. Which is kind of like a baby SUV. Sure, it's full of phthalates and it guzzles slightly more gas than the Kia did, but I...and it hurts me a little to say this...I love it. That's right. I LOVE MY NEW CAR. Me, the one who hasn't actually ever owned a brand new car. So to further my "In praise of" series, here are a few reasons why I love it.

1) It starts. It stops. The Kia didn't do either very reliably. 'Nuff said.

2) It's like the last bowl of porridge in the Three Bears' house: not too big, not too small. It's not scary like a Hummer, or obnoxious like a Lexus SUV, but it's no hurridly built piece of crap either. The Rogue is shiny, spacious, and pleasant-looking without being all "Hey! I'm a brand new SUV! Lookit me, you lousy 1985 hatchback! Yeah, I'm talkin' to you!" No, the Rogue is all about Polite Modest Luxury. And that's just fine with me.

3) It's one heck of a smooth ride. The Kia would hit 90km/h and start to shudder like a bowl of Jell-O; the Rogue hits 110 before I even realize we're in an 80 zone. (Don't worry, I'm working on my lead foot.)

4) Stuff fits in it. Car seat, stroller, overnight bag, coffee mugs, oversized purse, shoes, beach chairs, beach umbrella, diaper bag, groceries, bags of dog food...oh, I could go on. I have no idea what its capacity for "stuff" is, but I plan to find out.

5) No dog hair. Yep, the Rogue is a no-Neko zone, as decreed by my husband. Secretly I am not at all sorry about this, although I put up a weak protest just for appearance's sake. But it is so nice not to sip coffee with dog hair floating in it, or drop an apple and have it come off the floor looking like a hedgehog.

6) My husband calls it my "truck." Or my "vehicle." Cuz it has 4 wheel drive. I've never owned a car that didn't automatically spin doughnuts in the snow before. Or one that warrants being called a truck or vehicle. That makes me feel like a big girl.

RIP Kia...long live the Rogue!


Susan said...

Sah-WEET, Kim. Hope you and your rogue have many years of happiness together :)

Gingham Skies said...

On the hunt for an SUV right now! Should I mention that my husband is leaning towards an obnoxious lexus? seriously. I hope you will still be my friend. ;)

Biddie said...

I love your car. Seriuosly, it is a sweet ride. Plus, it is dog hair free! I can only dream of space that is dog hair free....Sigh..

Mrs Successful said...

That's quite some buggy you've got hold of Kimber. Nissans are great to drive - I've had 3 of them. Now we're onto Toyota (had 2) and it would be nice to own a Rav. Happy driving - and never say 'I'd never' 'cause you just might. xx

rvr said...

One caution. Four wheel drive will get you out of slippery spots, but it does not change your stoppng range. Too many people have been killed thinking their 4WD can stop on a dime. It's no different than any other car, except it is heavier and will slide farther out of control, so remember to give yourself the same stopping room as you would for any heavy vehicle. RVR and I want to see you soon.

Lois said...

Lucky you Kim!
I remeber when I got my first car, a Ford Focus, a few years ago. I love my car.
Congrats on your new doghair free zone!

Lance Gross said...

Nissan Rouge is pretty much the same as the Subaru Forrester, in terms of off-road capability. The only difference is that Nissan offers more rows for seating, so I say you didn’t really lose anything when you didn’t end up with that "sah-weet" Subaru in your driveway. Anyways, I hope she’s still in good shape. Take care of your baby SUV!

Lance Gross @ Royal on the Eastside

Kimber said...

Hey Lance! Thanks for stopping by Someday!