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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Hunting and Gathering

Here's something you probably didn't know about me: I think I was a squirrel in a past life. At least, that's what I would have been if I believed in past lives.

As soon as the leaves start changing colour, I'm seized with the urge to collect things: shiny brown chestnuts, acorns with their cute little caps, bristly pine cones, feathers from under the bird feeder. I'm not sure why. I think it disturbs my husband when he starts to notice little piles of things building up on flat surfaces around the house. He puts up with my obsessive stone-collecting habit, but I think the acorns are going to drive him over the marital edge.

Gotta go. I think I just saw a bluejay lose a feather!


Biddie said...

Lol. This is so funny! I start collecting chestnuts in the fall..Not sure why, I just have this incredible urge to gather them up. Just the 'good' ones, of course.
My kids think that I am insane and Shawn is tired of me stuffing chestnuts in his jacket pocket when I run outta room in mine.
As for the blue jay feather, come to my house and I will pick some out of Birds' cage for you :)

Mrs Successful said...

I think I was an elephant, Kimber. Not so dainty eh?, but cute when I was a baby. xx

tanzi said...

Uh oh. We must have tormented each other in our past lives, too, 'cause I have a growing collection of chestnuts sitting on my windowsill at school! My students seem to find it funny that I find it natural to find joy and excitement in finding these treasures.

Don't know about the feather, though...ew

rvr said...

(Chester would really appreciate it if you could gather up all the acorns and send them via John's address. Chester is getting ready for full sports season. ... rvr)

Lois said...

Hey Kim!
Don't you know that collectors of feathers, shells, stones & rocks, nuts, cones and other assorted items are really true core crafters? Trust me...ask Jaime...I collect bits of string, ribbon, buttons, nuts, (acorns are great with chestnuts a close second) and anything else that cathces my eye because you just never know when your in the middle of a project and say to yourself...."AHA! I have just the right feather for this!" A crafter never lets anything get by her/him and if you can pick it up in the back yard for free, that's even better! I dragged a whole slew of pine cones that I picked off the ground from under a huge old pine tree in the middle of a shopping mall parking lot, home from Florida years ago we took the kids down to Disneyland. Jamie was around six or seven I think. I pull them out every Chritsmas to use in the basket with a big bow as a pretty, and cheap, decoration. See....it's a gift to yourself that keeps giving and giving.
Take care and give that baby a hug for me.