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Friday, 28 August 2009

In praise of...sisters

I just realized I'd better get my August entry in for my "things I love" blog. No sense starting a new series if I don't keep 'er up! So here are things I love about...sisters.

I am the filling in a three sister sandwich. Tanzi is two years my junior and Sissy nine my senior. Tanzi is teaching English Lit in Moscow until next June and Sissy has been enjoying life down under in Australia for almost twenty years now. Despite gaps in age and distance, we're close and fondly refer to ourselves as "crazy sisters three." We even have our own theme song set to the tune of Dolly Parton's 'Islands in the Stream,' but it only exists in a rarely heard live version, usually fuelled by a lot of champagne.

On the rare occasions that all three of us are together, we talk and talk and talk. And drink. And then talk some more. And I'm not even gonna touch on the giggling fits that drinking and talking induce. The exciting part? There's a slight chance that we may get the opportunity to do just that this Christmas, and it will be the first time since D and I got married that we'll all be in the same country together.

Since meeting D, I've been exposed to the brother dynamic (he has two), but I have to say, it pales in comparison to the sister connection. For one thing, the brothers Lowry don't hug, or talk about stuff unless it's mechanical or cider-related. So I thought I'd jot down a few of the things I love about sisters, just for the record.

1) Sisters get you.
Whether it's your weird fear of feet, the way you blink really fast when you're lying, your penchant for toilet reading or your addiction to Asian knick-knacks, sisters get you. They get your jokes, your quirks, your habits in a way even a parent or a spouse can't quite appreciate. I've seen D and my Dad look bewildered over many of the things I do or say, whereas my sisters simply shrug. "Hey, that's just Kim," their expressions seem to say. "Accept that she's weird. Move on."

2) Sisters are your biggest fans.
Sisters have a knack for making you feel good about even the smallest of your accomplishments. My sisters cheer me on constantly, about things as innocuous as creating a new jam flavour to getting one of my articles published. We encourage each other, no matter how crazy the scheme or plan or idea may sound, and we are there to hurrah or comfort as the situation requires. When I publish my book, you can bet my sisters' names will be first on the dedication page.

3) Sisters are kinda like you, but not really.

Even though you share may similarities and certain traits that cement your status as sisters (in our case, a seal-bark of a laugh that has been compared to our Nana's, a bad habit of making funny faces in photos, and a love of lychee to name just a few), you're very different in other respects. And that's a good thing. It's like you're just similar enough to feel connected, but different enough to earn each other's respect.

4) Sisters let you borrow clothes.
'Nuff said. From what I can tell, the brothers Lowry only borrow tools.

So what else can I say? Amen to sisters, my friends. There's nothing quite like 'em.


Susan said...

I miss having a sister - wahhh! I wish you and yours many years of mutual enjoyment, understanding and devotion!

Biddie said...

I finally get the sister thing. I wished for years that I could have that with Krista (I even named my 1st born after her) but it was never quite there.
Along came Kelly,and the distance, the lost years and the age difference just didn't matter.
I feel blessed to have found her (not that she was ever really lost) and I am thankful everyday for that sister bond.
Your sisters rock. I can say that and truly mean it..I can't believe what a beautiful woman that Tanzi has turned into - well, I can, but you know. My memory of the time that Sissy took us out for chinese is one of my favourites.
I bet that you are counting the days until Christmas :)

Gingham Skies said...

The three of you are lucky to have each other. I can't wait to meet Sissy, you and Tanya have nothing but fabulous things to say about her and something tells me the three of you in one place will be extremely entertaining. :)

Gingham Skies said...

p.s. I would love to read you article in the Star, Kim. Please do post it!

Lois said...

Hey Kim!
Long time....no read...I am playing catch-up tonight.
I just finished reading your last four blogs. You have had a busy summer!
That baby of yours just looks more gorgeous every post I see of her.
I have one sister, 8 years younger than me, we live within 20 minutes of each other but are both so caught up with our own lives that we only touch base once every couple of months. When we do it's as if we just saw each other yesterday. Sisters are a good thing for sure!

tanzi said...

Awwww! Thanks, Kimmy gibbler! I'm honoured to be part of your post. I hope you meant every syllable and it's not some guilt-induced musings for not naming my niece Tanya Jr. ...

Mrs Successful said...

I had 3 sisters - me being the youngest and most spoiled. Hope Jade is as lucky as you!!! Great posting xx