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Friday, 13 February 2009

A Top 10 list of mushy things...

1. MOVIE - Favourite doomed romance: Laszlo (Ralph Fiennes) & Katherine (Kristin Scott Thomas) in The English Patient. Adultery is not one of my favourite subjects to watch, but there is such incredible passion & chemistry between these two that I'm able to wink at poor Katherine's husband's plight (and this is the ONLY movie I've ever seen where Colin Firth is positively repulsive, so it makes it easier).

2. MOVIE/MUSIC - Favourite unrequited romance: Once. Such a lovely, gentle story. And the music is so powerful in its simplicity it often brings me to tears. I highly recommend the soundtrack. Eternal thanks to Yay/Nay guy for lending me the movie.

3. FOOD - Favourite romantic supper: anything that can be eaten with your fingers, like empanadas, pizza, fried chicken, wee fancy sandwiches, spaghetti (hey, one of the most romantic suppers I ever had was spaghetti eaten with fingers and wooden spoons cuz all our silverware was packed up for a move).

4. DRINK - Favourite lust-inducing beverage: a glass of the boys' delicious home-made apple cider will make mature adults fling off their panties and dance around in the buff. Trust me. But Ravenswood Red Zinfandel is good too if you're looking for a more subdued seduction.

5. BOOK - Favourite sigh-inducing read: Pride & Predjudice. It's witty, the main female character is strong and independent, and Darcy...well, heck, he's Darcy!

6. CLOTHES - Favourite article of clothing to wear on V-day: My red dress. Plunging neckline, plunging backline, and oh-so-firey. Look out Saturday night dance in Goderich - here I come! (oh, and of course, my lucky heart underwear)

7. MUSIC - Favourite anti-love song: It's gotta be "Broken F*cking Heart" by Luther Wright & the Wrongs. Great Canadian band with a biting sense of humour. Seriously, you'll howl.

8. SONG - Favourite song to make your heart swell with happiness: Po Girl's "'Til it's Gone." (You can listen to some of it online if you scroll down to the second album on the list.)

9. WEBSITE - Favourite wistful & sometimes romantic notions: PostSecret. Some of these secrets will break your heart.

10. MOVIE - Favourite sappy, embarrassed-to-admit-I-like-it film: Greencard. I used to have a terrible crush on lumpy ol'Gerard Depardieu and found his character in this movie charming. (How can you not like a character that separates garlic cloves by smashing them with his fist?) And though the movie completely tests your ability to suspend disbelief, the first time G and Andie MacDowell kiss makes it all worthwhile.

11. Yeah, I know - this is #11, but I have to sneak it in:
PLAY - Favourite play of all time: Cyrano De Bergerac. The poetry, the sacrifice, the sheer, swaggering manliness of it all - ooh, gives me shivers. I re-read it every year, but only Anthony Burgess's translation. And joy! Bliss! They're putting it on at Stratford this year with Colm Feore.

Now, share some of YOUR top lovie-dovie, sentimental or even anti-sentimental faves, wouldja?


tanzi said...

Okay, so I clicked on your music link and the song that started playing was NOT happy! It started out nicely about a deer, but then it sang" deer at night, dead on the road". WTF???
Thanks a lot for the V-day cheeriness. :)

And I just finished teaching Cyrano to a grade 11 class. They really liked it, too. I'm with you--one of my FAVE plays and I will take a personal day to come see it with you with lovely Colm again. That was such an amazing production.

tanzi said...

Oh, and weird! I just referred two colleagues to postsecret the other day. :)

Susan said...

Some of my favourites:

movie - A Walk in the Clouds is still one of the most romantic movies, imo.

food - pretty well anything I'd choose from an upscale restaurant menu :) and a decadent chocolate dessert

drink - sparkling grape juice (I know, I'm tame)

book - I'm with you - Pride and Prejudice!

clothes - I have a red designer dress with a sweetheart neckline I like to wear

music - something smooth, along the lines of Michael Buble

song - "I've Had the Time of My Life" is a good one, though OUR song is "Happy Together" :)

website - don't have a favourite romantic one, but I'm familiar with postsecret and agree it gets pretty intimate

play - Cyrano wins hands-down :) I'll have to get Stratford to send me their brochure; we don't have any left at our library...

Mrs Successful said...

Favourite movies change all the time - Somewhere in Time/29th Street for me.

Music: wouldn't know where to start

Food: Italian - anything with tomatoes, Chicken & Meat (and chips (french fries) with really soft bread and loads of butter, and anything I don't have to cook!).

Drink - Wine - Red or White, Merlot, Pinot Grigot, Chardonnay - Gin & Tonic and water to help me recover.

Book: Always, always, always Les Miserables, Victor Hugo.

Clothes - Smart casual, or lounging about stuff - I'm a hard person to dress and I feel silly all 'dolled up'.

That's my input, Kimber - not much to get excited about, but have to submit my tuppence worth!

Kimber said...

You gals are the best. Thanks for sharing your faves!