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Friday, 24 October 2008

Countdown to Hallowe'enie - part III - what NOT to do to your pets

My friend Ginny sent me these photos, and I have to say, it DOES give me ideas about what to do to poor Neko. Do you dress YOUR pet up for Hallowe'en? If so, do tell.

You've gotta love how sad this dog looks:

Neko would probably eat this mask in about 4 seconds:

I am realllly not sure what this poor little guy is supposed to be:

And the best is for last - Count Schnauzerla!


Susan said...

The lion is my fave :)

And I think the pug is supposed to be some kind of tribal dancer...?

We only have a guinea pig and, no, we are not going to dress her up. She would object strenuously!

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Hi Kim.
I think the pug is suppose to be a porcupine.