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Friday, 3 October 2008

Birdy Nerdy

My ex used to call me "birdy nerdy" due to my obsessive habit of bird feeding and bird watching back in Waterloo. Now that I'm up here, my habit has become even worse. I can't help it - I find birds fascinating little creatures. My sis gave me a bird watching journal when I moved to Someday Farm, and now it's almost full of my observances, questions and descriptions. Hey, at least I'm not spying on my neighbours.

I'm happy to report that the birdfeeder outside our kitchen window has become a drive-thru of sorts to all kinds of birds headed south on their migratory journey. Yesterday I spied a Ruby Crowned Kinglet, one of the smallest birds around besides the Hummingbird. It was so dainty and sweet, hovering from branch to branch on our ash tree. And for the last few days, we've had a flock (or, more properly, an "ubiquity") of White-Crowned Sparrows. They have the most incredible song and have been entertaining me with it all week.

The problem with my birdy-nerdiness is that I want to rush out and make friends with all the birds I meet. Which is disappointing, because birds are really not all that friendly. They tend to freak out and fly off in a huff when I come sneaking around the corner. In Waterloo, I managed to make friends with some chickadees and even had them eating sunflower seeds out of my hand. No such luck with Bruce County chickadees. They come close enough to check me out, but then look at me pityingly and proceed to eat bugs. Humph.

Still, I harbour some hope that eventually the birds of Someday farm will get used to having a crazy girl around who likes to get as close as possible to them. If only I could get them to like Neko, too.


tanzi said...

What a great blog post--I love your clever writing. IS that pic from you? What a pretty bird! I love birds, too. Except for the super-sized creepy pigeons they have here.

Jaime said...

What's wrong with spying on neighbours?! ;)

Kimber said...

I can't get close enough to the little buggers to take their pictures! Pigeons are gross. I think of them as being city chickens: dirty and dumb.

Jaime, nothing is wrong with spying on neighbours. Provided you don't get caught...

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

I go offline for a week or so and I miss all the good stuff.
Jaime, when did you start spying on your neighbours and why would you want to?
Tanya, big pigeons are better eating. Really! Stop gagging. Pigeon is really good.
Kim, I envy that you have lots of birds coming around. We only have neighbours cats coming around and they tend to scare or eat the birds. Maybe I should start spying on the neighbours. It would give me something to look at, wouldn't it?