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Friday, 9 November 2007

White Gold

Well, I got my wish - 3cm of the white stuff. Winter at last!

The first snow has always been an event that makes me jump up and down like a kid, much to the annoyance of various co-workers and friends. Why is it that so many people who hate winter live in Canada? I suppose that we all need to find something to complain about, the weather often being the most convenient subject. Still - how can anyone hate snow? So it's cold. So it's damp. So you slip and fall on your ass occasionally. Why not embrace the beauty and uniqueness of every snowfall? It's not like hating it is going to make it go away.

I'm trying that theory with wind. I have a strong dislike of wind; its rough caress is like getting a bear hug from someone you don't like, and it does horrifying things to my hair. But I figure if I embrace it back rather than stiffen up when it comes to get me, I might actually learn to like it.

Neko and I went for a walk on the beach in the midst of the sleetish stuff that was falling from the sky yesterday. It was like a thick wet curtain slapping us in the face repeatedly. My pants and shoes got hopelessly soaked, but I didn't care. Neko just shook and slobbered. That dog is content no matter what it's doing outside. So I took my cue from her, squared my shoulders into the wind, snuffed great deep breaths of that slightly fishy Lake Huron air and enjoyed the way the slate-grey sky and water kissed each other at the horizon.

Long live white gold.

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