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Thursday, 29 March 2012

5 Things I Think about When Choring

1. Is this cow gonna kick me? Please don't kick me. Oh crap, she's gonna kick me!! She's moving her foot!!! Ahhhh! Okay, she's not going to kick me. Is she?

2. Stupid, rotten, dirty, dirty cow. Who lays down in their own poop?

3. How many times do I have to wash this teat before that black stuff comes off? Come ON! Get clean!! GET - oh. That teat IS black. Oops.

4. D looks so freaking hot in those coveralls. Seriously. I'm going to pinch his butt next time he bends over to put a milker on.

5. Geez, my mother-in-law must have shrunk these coveralls. I can barely bend - (gasp!) - over. Hmm. Maybe I'm just fat. No, she probably shrunk them.

1 comment:

tanzi said...

Anti-bovite. You're gonna get hate mail from cow lovers again...