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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

10 things my dog and I have in common

1) We rarely complain about our sore knees, but we never turn down an opportunity to have them massaged.

2) We are hopelessly in love with D.

3) Shedding is a skill we excel at.

4) Hot summer weather makes us grumpy. Cool autumn weather improves our mood considerably. Cold winter weather makes us deliriously happy. Snow causes us to act drunk with joy.

5) We are avid nature nuts. Splashing around in the river, crunching leaves and twigs on the trails, squelching mud between our toes in the fields: it's all good.

6) There's nothing we'd rather do than spend a solid hour kissing Jade.

7) We find few things more satisfying than a good, long walk along the beach at sunset.

8) We approach food with gusto.

9) We are both highly skilled at the fine art of napping.

10) Loyalty is our prime directive.


Biddie said...

Love it! I think that I have many things in common with my dog(s) and you and Niko. I am not, however, a fan of the cold and snow anymore. No more cross country skiing and sledding for me. I cherish the memories of Petersons Hill, but I am too old for that now..Lol. I will never admit to that again, the old part.
I am VERY good at napping though, and Ruby is even better than me :)

tanzi said...

Aw, super pic and blog!
I'm thankful you don't share Neko's penchant (is that even the right word?) for sitting on me.