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Friday, 31 July 2009

Scent of a (country) woman

So I'm reading this book I bought at our local bookstore called Slow Death by Rubber Duck. It confirms a lot of my paranoia about everyday products and the nasty chemical stew they contain. Even before I cracked the cover, I'd already switched to unbleached flour, non-toxic, all-natural, plant-based soap, shampoo, laundry detergent and dish soap. Yep, I'm that granola. And I'm that freaked out about passing along the aforesaid vile chemical stew to milady Jade.

I've been walking the crunchy granola-type line for many years; I've flirted with vegetarianism, organic mania and unshaven legs (don't worry, I've since located my razor and my steak). But this new avoidance of all things chemical is more than just a phase. Why? Cuz it's too scary to ignore, especially when you are singlehandedly responsible for the nutrition of the world's smallest dictator. What goes into and onto me goes into and onto her, and it's a sobering thought. She doesn't deserve to be chemically enhanced at this tender age. I'll save that for when she's 16 and experimenting with make-up and tattoos.

Anyhoo, products with any type of artificial scent are apparently very toxic and very easy to pass on via my skin-to-skin contact with the wee one, not to mention my milk. And I'm one of those gals who loves to smell pretty. It's going to take some time to wean myself off my favourite perfume, but my new stance means I've given up several of my daily potions: my beloved Body Shop scented body butters - oh Satsuma, how I miss you! - my trusty Aveda hair gel and...um, well...my anti-perspirant. Yeah. So now I have scary hair AND I smell bad. Makes you want to run up here and visit, doesn't it?

Thinking I was doing myself (and Jady Lady) a favour by ridding the bathroom drawer of aluminum-laden Degree Ultra, I decided to do what all good granolas do: I invested in a very expensive all-natural deodorant from the health food store. And then I invested in ANOTHER type of very expensive deodorant. And then another. Because, faithful reader, THEY DON'T WORK. At least not on me. Or not unless I apply them every bloody hour. Or only go outside when the temperature is below 0 degrees. Ugh.

But I love my daughter more than I love smelling like "sporty baby powder" or "spring rain," so I will continue my search for a non-toxic deodorant that works. Until then, keep a polite distance, folks! There's an all-natural, slightly stinky country gal at large.


Eileen Astels Watson said...

There's a sea salt one out there I think that I tried a while ago. It didn't work so well on me, but, yeah, I hear you on this. It scares me too.

Mrs Successful said...

Ah! - your posting takes me back to when I bought a book on additives, and homeopathy, and natural products etc etc etc - it was a worrying time! These days I use what I think is relatively safe and works (there's nothing worse than bad BO, Kimber). I try to steer away from all types of aerosols, and I don't like, and don't use, smelly plug-ins for freshening the home - though I do occasionally use a scented candle.

I'll bet you miss the smell of your special perfume so maybe a little spray now and again wouldn't do too much harm!

How's Jade?

Kimber said...

Ha! You got me, Mrs. S - I'm not a fan of being stinky either. But after reading labels, I'm just too freaked out to go back to my old anti-stink stuff. And yes, I still indulge in my perfume. Can't seem to give the stuff up!

Jady Lady is well...another blog entry coming soon. (0: