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Tuesday, 23 June 2009


One thing I may not have mentioned yet in the pages of this blog is that I have a foot phobia. I'm not sure exactly when it began or what triggered it; I can only surmise that years of giving my Dad footrubs every birthday, Father's Day, Groundhog Day etc. somehow scarred me for life. Dad is a great guy, but decades of walking the bush, fording various rivers and pacing barefoot through skivy hockey locker rooms have given him feet only a hobbit would be proud of.

I have a particular aversion to what I like to call 'big yuckky man-feet,' but pretty much any bare foot will make me wince and/or recoil in horror. You can imagine how traumatic it is for me now that summer is here and everyone feels the need to bare their calluses, corns and talon-like toenails in sandals. *SHUDDER!*

Well, I came across this site today and I still feel a little nauseous. So of course I had to share. You're welcome.


Biddie said...

Oh, lol, did you know that I have the same foot aversion? probably for the same reason..My Dad was actually some kind of karate guy in a different life. Dunno. Brown belt in something, and it wrecked his feet.
When he was sick and was living with the terminal illness, I rubbed his swollen feet (and did my best to hide my replusion at the thought of touching ANY feet that are not my own). I mean, he was dying, how could I say no??
When I did my externship, imagine the horror of dealing with a pateint that a filthy tiny sock that had to be adjusted every couple of hours on one stinky toe.
Gah, it could have been my undoing!
I am ok, oddly enough with wee little baby feet. Actually, I just tickled some wee baby toes yesterday.....
Anyway, I LOVE Cake Wrecks! Kayla and I stop by there at least once a week to see what`s new. I was NOT perpared for the nasty feet cakey things, though.

Susan said...

Lovely, Kim, thanks for sharing! Ewww. I, too, have seen some horribly deformed looking feet in and out of sandals during the warmer months. And I will try to cover mine up when I'm around you (though I don't think my feet look disgusting).

Bare baby feet, though. Are you coping all right with those? lol

Mrs Successful said...

I'm with you Kimber. I hate feet. Hubby sometimes hints that he would find it less troublesome if I cut his toenails - but methinks... too bad ... I would find it more troublesome...no way, let them grow and get bigger shoes!

How people can make 'footcake' beats me - can you imagine eating some? - Oh God! xx

justin said...

Well, you won't like the look of my deformed feet, Kimber. I had both big toe-nails removed 20+ years ago, as the nail beds were badly infected (chronic IGTN).