"Someday's gonna be a busy day..."

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Working from home really sucks on days like today. I should be at the office, pranking the crap out of my co-workers. Instead I'm sitting here with dozens of dastardly schemes running through my head and no one to use them on.

I so want to prank my brother-in-law today (it's become a tradition) but I don't have the heart to go into fake labour or tell him my cat is rabid. His folks are away on holiday so he's tackling chores for the next 10 days pretty much on his own and will likely be in no mood for jokes. *sigh*

Last year I had him convinced that his basement had flooded (he had just spent hours in the middle of the night cleaning up his neighbours' basement after their sub-pump died), and the year before that I had him on his way to help me rescue Neko from a skunk. Somehow...I don't think he'll fall for anything this year.

So tell me - what pranks have YOU successfully pulled on good ol' April 1?

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Susan said...

Can't say that I'm really good with pranks, but I'm impressed by your efforts. I do doubt that C will be so easily duped this year -but good on ya for getting him two years in a row!