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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

In praise of husbands

I beg your indulgence, gentle reader, while I take a few moments to immortalize my husband yet again in this blog.

On Wednesday we had a difficult visit with a new doctor in Waterloo. Our situation isn't exactly hopeless, but it won't be easy. It's never nice for a woman to hear that she probably has "a few bad eggs," especially when the doctor is not referring to her diet.

After the appointment, D took me in hand and proceeded to spoil me for the rest of the day. First, we went for lunch at Sakura Island, my favourite sushi spot. D abhors raw fish and generally feels that eating out is a waste of time; he prefers home cooked meals and a nice "visit" at the kichen table. But he set aside his sushi prejudices and we had a companionable lunch together in the secluded comfort of one the restaurant's little dining compartments. I wasn't able to eat sushi while pregnant, so the spicy tuna rolls and tempura tasted even better than I remember they did 7 months ago. D even liked his teriyaki salmon, although he felt the sauce would work equally well over ice cream. The shy waitress brought us juicy slices of fresh orange to finish our meal.

After I was suitably stuffed, D proposed we stroll down King street and revisit our old dog-walking trails. The sunshine was glorious and we drank it in as we passed by our old haunts: people watching at the bus stops, giggling at the stag shop display, pausing outside Delirum to consider the clothes, checking the listings outside Starlight, sniffing hops as we passed the Gold Crown brewery, dodging drive-thru traffic at Tim's before crossing the street and touching the post outside of Ethel's bar.

Then we made our way down the other side of King street, ostensibly to look at the dresses in Loop, Kindred Spirit and Andie's. I've never met a man who enjoys looking at dresses as much as D does. He likes to judge them and decide which colour or shape would look best on me, which I find amusing since I'm not really a dressy kind of girl. But he insisted on buying me a pretty summer dress of "Caribbean blue" at Loop, along with a pink top I was hankering after. I am not used to having men shop for me; it's a lovely sensation.

As we approached William street, to my utter shock, D propelled me into the gelato place. My sister and I used to love to stop for gelato or DQ on our Waterloo walks but D would only acquiesce after much groaning, never indulging in the delicious stuff himself. I walked with him slowly back to the car, slurping up my melting cup of chocolate gelato and even coaxing him to try a few spoonfuls.

We ended our Waterloo day with a few hours deliberating over light fixtures at Home Depot, D's favourite spot in the world after the barn and TSC. We do manage to have fun together, no matter what mundane task we're doing. And the Harvey's hamburger with extra pickle on our way out was the crowning touch to what turned out to be a very good day indeed.

I'm sure D would die a thousand deaths if he knew I was writing about him. So I won't tell him about this blog post, but I will tell him again what a marvellous day I had with him and what a marvellous husband he is.


Susan said...

You're sure D doesn't read your blog? :) What a nice tribute you pay him, and it does sound like a marvellous day.

A friend of mine recently bought a Carmen style dress in bronze from Kindred Spirits - it looked awesome. I'll have to check them out sometime when I have a special occasion, but I imagine they're pricey.

tanzi said...

Hullo. This is Dwain. I like that you write about me and my love for dress shopping. I am a pretty rockin' husband and an ultra chic metrosexual. I love nuclear stuff. I treat my wife to good stuff because she's the best and deserves only good things.

Muffy St. Bernard said...

That is such a wonderful post! Next time I think "why would ANYBODY want to get married?" I'll come back and read this; it's truly a portrait of love and support.

PS: Too bad he didn't see your demon-red eyes, which are visible in your wedding photo. Trapped!

Muffy St. Bernard said...
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Kimber said...

Kindred spirit is a great shop. Sometimes they have good sales on, but it's fun just to look.

The best reason to go is to try something on and get the tarty Scottish owner to review your look and provide a fashion assessment. She is hilarious and her accent is to die for. (Tanzi, you should go and study her)

Kimber said...

Dear Dwain,
I am glad you have finally come to terms with your metrosexuality.

Kimber said...

Muffy, true love accepts demonic glowing red eyes. Even on the wedding day.

Glad you liked the post.

Muffy St. Bernard said...

All I will say about the tarty Scottish owner is that she and her daughter were two of the most dreaded customers at Tim Horton's. Perhaps you can imagine. She threw a sandwich at me.

Kimber said...

Oh heavens. She threw a sandwich at you? I hope you threw a timbit at her head.

I went to try on wedding dresses at her shop a few years ago and she gave me a full running commentary in between expressing her feelings on Hollywood actresses. In particular, I recall her ranting about "that slut Angelina Jolie" and bridesmaids who choose low-cut dresses to "show their disgusting boobies." I just howled. But I am sorry to hear about the sandwich.

Muffy St. Bernard said...

It was either the mother or the daughter who threw the sandwich; they came tearing up to the drive-thru window in the middle of the night and the sandwich came flying through.

They both started yelling incoherently about the staleness of the bread, and the daughter said I was trying to "poison" the mother. The bread WAS stale -- I'd been complaining about stale bread for weeks -- but they did not respond in a way that I consider rational or productive.

Even before that, though, they were the typical customers that you try to get somebody ELSE to serve.

I hope Angelina Jolie never tried to poison either of them...