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Monday, 11 February 2008

Behold the glass trumpet...of rye

I love lotteries. I don't play them very often, but when an opportunity comes up to bet on something, or try to win something, I'm in 100%. Sadly, I rarely WIN anything, but it's still kinda fun waiting to see what the outcome will be.

Case in point: D, C and I went to see the Lighthouse Swing Band on Sat night in Goderich - a 15 piece orchestra that plays all sorts of "oldies" a la Lawerence Welk (yes, we're a bit lame). Anyways, it was a benefit dance for some recently deceased guy we don't know and there were lots of draws plus (my favourite!) a silent auction.

I bid on a bunch of stuff and actually had a pretty hot bidding war going on for a four course dinner for 10 + a night of dancing deal...but I didn't win. So of course, C goes and wins the "glass trumpet" draw, which was a giant bottle of rye. He proudly brought it home and set it a place of honour in the kitchen so he could gloat over it. I so wish he would have poured himself a shot, because the next day we got a call from the organizers saying it was just a bottle of coke and water mixed together - C was supposed to have gone to the bar and got the real thing! Mwah ha ha! Schadenfreude at its best.


Muffy St. Bernard said...

The only thing I ever won was a Snoopy radio when I was six years old.

How was the band? Was it a spectacular, out-of-time experience?

Kimber said...

It was surreal: everone wore black tuxes with maroon ties & cummerbuns, the conductor mumbled and murmured every song introduction just like Welk used to, except with his back to the audience. The silver haired singer looked to be about 70, but she had a strong, sassy voice that belied her age.

I think the best part was the moment the orchestra broke into a swing version of "YMCA." The poor singer had to read all her lyrics!

tanzi said...

That is hilarious that Carm got fake booze. What a knob!!!

Susan said...

How far is it to drive back to Goderich, lol?