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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

You make me feel like bloggin'...(I wanna blog the night away)

Working at home has its advantages. Then again, I'm not working in my OWN home, so I am subject to the furnishings available in my brother-in-law's bungalow. For example, he has a great stereo, with cable FM, but his CD player only plays one CD at a time. I prefer to put about 6 in the mix and hit shuffle. But most of my CDs are buried in the depths of the garage at Someday Farm anyway. I don't have the heart to dig them out. Which means I am stuck listening to the radio most days.

I tried the CBC, my old standby for driving back and forth to Waterloo, but all the good natured talking distracted me. I found I started typing whatever the announcer was saying. Not conducive to workie. A couple of weeks ago, I decided I'd try a new station every day. I would go up the dial; whatever came in, that's what I would listen to. Turned out to be an interesting experiment, especially when you consider the effect different music has on one's ability to focus and do productive work.

My first stop on the dial was a country station. Now, I'm a self-professed hater of country music. Throughout my childhood, Dad subjected us to album after scratchy album of Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson et al, ad nauseum. But since moving up here and spending time with D, I've reluctantly begun to hate country music less. My older sister, who lived in the middle of bloody nowhere in Australia on a cattle property for 6 years, warned me it would happen. "Oh, eventually the songs will start making sense to you," she said. "You'll start nodding in agreement with songs about love and family and trucks." Frightening, and true.

I've also tried a classical station (slows my typing down, and I actually had to take a short nap over my lunch hour), a nasty R&B station (one can only listen to songs about 'bling' and 'booty' for so long) and one that seemed permanently trapped in the 70's. But today, oh glorious day, I seem to have hit radio gold: E-Z Rock.

Hey, don't get all judgy on me now. It's not as dreadful as it sounds. They don't repeat their songs during the day, the announcers are pleasant without being so chipper you want to shoot them, and it's causing a surge of childhood memories - particularly when they play the rolling-skating-at-New-Hamburg-arena tunes.

But the gold nugget in my E-Z rock day was when they played "You make me feel like dancing." Instantly, I was transported into the den of the house where I grew up: orange shag rug, big fireplace, soggy brown leather chairs, giant TV. And on the giant TV was Leo Sayer singing his funkadelic hit surrounded by various muppets. The muppets! What a great show. They don't make 'em like that anymore.

Here's the clip from UTube. http://www.searchthetube.com/wyreul5Cvsw/Leo_Sayer__the_muppets__You_make_me_feel_like_dancing

Even if you're too young/old to remember, just check out this clip - for the Afro, the bad lip-synching, Leo's spastic dance moves and the slightly surreal dancers wearing muppet heads. Long live Jim Henson. Oh, and long live E-Z Rock.


Anonymous said...

ha ha country music...will be even more popular with an american recession....i recollect santiago collecting me at the aeroport near the ides of march one year of my youth, when he still ventured the 'ribboned highway'....he was turning over the channels like an enigma machine searching for johnny cash's latest hit, 'a boy named sue' quite ironic when you consider his feelings for me know

but i will dream of lions tonight on the african shores.....

tanzi said...

Great blog, lady!
Who is this Gene person? Reveal yourself... :)
I hope my cd makes your work atmosphere more fun.
I was hooked in by your title.

Anonymous said...

i didnt know you had a new cd out tanzi, is it duets this time, perhaps avec anne

google, gene forrester

Kimber said...

Thanks for the comments you two. Not sure who Gene is, but he does like seals.

Your CD makes life bearable some days! Although I'm sad you didn't get my fave song on it. I'm truly obsessed with it these days.

Kimber said...

Heyyyyy....I think I know who Gene Forrester is...TOMASS!

Anonymous said...

HOAR MOANS and bull mastiffs, where will it all end....